6 Best Nail Painting Tips

Nails are there to be painted, this is the motto of many ladies. Easy to say, but often difficult to do. Avoid stains around the nail, while remaining impeccably until dry, combining colors, the application of decorative designs, these are just some of the problems we have with the nails well polished. In addition, of course, the worst of all: how to cover a chipped fingernail? Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to help with these problems.

1. Cuticle care

Our first important painting of nails is tips to take care of your cuticles smooth-hydrate them with special oils or just make sure to use hand cream regularly, and don’t forget to rub some into your cuticles. Some people also use petroleum jelly or other mineral oil to cuticle maintenance, it works, but we prefer natural products such as Shea butter, for example. However you are the meticulous routine Nail Polish, if you don’t take care of your cuticles dry, rough and always start starts flaking at the edges, which won’t make your hand overall look any good. Not to mention that Nail Polish in cuticle stains can be cleaned more easily if your cuticles are well-hydrated. Don’t cut them.

2. Don’t forget the basic layer

Some experts from wholesaleably.com advise that the nails that you always, always use a primer. While this makes the whole process a bit ‘ more-nail painting, compensates for enamel do more resistant, so I didn’t really miss anything. With a base coat, your nail polish will last a few more days than without him, and that will enhance the main color, then you better booth. All the more reason to be part of your routine of primer-Nail Polish is that, if you like light or dark colors, the basic layer will help prevent stains from them on the nails.

3. Color schemes

Basically, they are free to combine two or more colors that you like, even if you need a bit of experience to make the combination work. In case you are wondering what colors go together, here are some tips. The white and purple makeup for a new, bright color scheme on your nails. If you want to look cool and windy, you can associate teal and silver or light pink and blue Mint. For a set of buff nails, use bright red, more gold, which is a classic of all time, or turquoise and black. White enamel combined with a copper tint is also a stylish combos, and so is the combination of Navy Blue and light Lavender.

4. The rule of three times

Here is another great tips for painting nails: experts explain that for each coat of Nail Polish you don’t need more than three shots. A on the left side of the nail, one right and one in the Center. This only works, of course, if you have enough Polish on the brush, to make sure that when you pull out of the bottle, has a visible heel glaze on it. The brush has a minor role in the whole thing, the main character is the glaze that disperses evenly in each of your nails. The brush tab. If you’ve ever tried to paint your nails with nail polish isn’t enough, you’ll know exactly what we mean.

5. Fixing errors

However dextrous are you, you run the risk of tarnishing a nail just polished or go beyond the limits of the nails, especially if you are using less skilled hands. Few of us are lucky enough to be ambidextrous, here are some tips to help you nail paint the rest. Use an old toothbrush to clean lip around the ends of the rod. Just dip it in nail polish remover and gently run it along the cuticles. As for defects, you can try to drop a small drop of Polish Remover onto the stain, wait a minute, while tapering the area and reapply the coal of the same color. Finish with a top layer to make your manicure last longer. In addition to a longer life, ends reduce the risk of chipping-a business that, even if resolved, it is better to avoid.

6. DIY designs

You can easily make a lot of different designs in the comfort of your own home. How about a man, for example? What you need is two bottles of Nail Polish and a sponge. After the base coat, apply the lighter color, let it dry, then mix a little with the other color on any flat surface, dip the sponge in it and dab it on the tip of your nails. To design a network, use a piece of old Bush. Just put it on your nail and fix it in place with one hand and then painting it with the other. French hands, put a rubber band around your finger, right on the edge of your nail tips, and then paint it. If you are good at drawing, you can also use a bookmark to the original designs.

What are your favorite tips for painting nails?