6 Infallible Tips to Keep Jeans Up Longer!

Hello guys!!

Who does not have at least one jeans piece in the closet ?!

Well, jeans are the most common parts of everyday life. And just because they are used so often, they can end up spoiling faster. The good news is that with some simple care it is possible to keep the jeans much longer – and looking newly purchased.

Check out six tips to make the pants last longer . Eba !!!

1 – Use a few times before washing – The jeans you just bought probably went through an intense washing process to get adjusted. Therefore, before subjecting it to a new wash (which can accelerate the wear of the fabric) use a few times.

2 – Wear constantly – By wearing jeans several times, according to mcat-test-centers.com, you make him take the exact model of your body and view ever better. In addition, the wear naturally wears the fabric, making the fibers fit better.

3 – Use more than once before washing – Hitting the part in the washing machine constantly will end up deforming the part, as well as damaging the color depending on the chemical agents of the cleaning products. So, avoid washing every time you wear, so your pants will last much longer.

4 – Wash only with cold water – While hot water hits the tissues more – besides causing fading and shrinkage -, the cold water helps to fix the dye of the denim trousers for a longer time, besides creating a kind of “sealing” in the fibers .

5 – Keep your pants properly – Instead of hanging on hangers or folding – which can cause the crease to crease – look for to keep your jeans in drawers forming a roll with each. In addition to saving space, you prevent them from loving.

6 – Do not put the jeans in the dryer – Just like hot water, the high temperature of the air in the dryer can also damage the fibers and ruin your jeans faster. Try to let the garment dry naturally in an airy place.

How nice to have those favorite jeans the longest, right ?!