6 Homemade Musical Instruments

When children play instruments at home, even for fun, it has many benefits, among them improves your mood, helps develop concentration, to develop motor skills, and in this case by making them at home with recycled materials we encourage you from small to reuse materials.
For this reason, I bring you a fun collection of 6 home with recycled musical instruments as described in recreation items, where your kids will have fun making the instruments and then using them. So have fun!, see making the list of the materials that you’ll need because they are all very easy and quick to prepare.

(Click on the titles to see more details, as well as materials of each instrument)

1-Drum (Drum Rattle)-Blog When Eli Ball

This musical instrument works to shake or rotate it, consists of a drum duplex with two balls or accounts hanging on its side.

To do so, make a hole in the tube of adhesive tape vacuum and inserted the BREW with adhesive tape stick inside. To secure it well using a mixture of water and white glue and paste paper strips on the adhesive tape and also on the outside where it binds the cardboard roll and stick. To make the balls, use a sheet of paper towel and glue giving the desired shape, then insert the threads of wool with the ball, knot and add a little glue to secure the wires.

Cut balloons and forcefully placed them on each side of the cardboard rolls to make them have used some hot silicone and I then covered with adhesive tape type masking tape decorated.Enter the tutorial, which also includes video and you can hear how it sounds.

2-Maracas Of Plastic-Craft Blog With My Daughters Spoons

A child not you would like to play a few maracas? This is the instruments from the youngest up to the larger ones can enjoy.This rattle has made it the 5-year-old girl. It is simple to make, easy to get materials and takes little time to make it. First fill the egg kindergarten with lentils. Sufficient in order to play the egg well. After surrounding two plastic spoons and egg, wrapped with masking tape. Then you paint and decorate to your liking. Very ingenious! True? Don’t pass by the blog of Naikari to see all the beautiful things that shows us.

Cardboard For Kids-Blog When Eli 3-Castanets

I know this musical instrument by the dances of flamenco from Spain and now is which are also used in other countries in its folklore such as Portugal. There are different sizes of castanets, appropriate to the size of the interpreter. In that sense, when it comes to doing so keep in mind the size of the hand of your child.

To make it draw the shape in a cardboard box with a lid in the form of a circle or a glass support, cut and paste two plastic caps in the center of each circle, I used water bottles. Then decorate to your liking, with paint, paper or rubber eva decorated, or with your favorite material. Don’t miss the tutorial on the link of the title that it includes video!

4-Mini Banjo-Blog Thousand Easy Crafts

These banjos are very flirtatious, and I am sure that goes to your small to like a lot. To make them turning the rubber around the lid.Decorate and stick an ice cream stick to the top, and ends decorate this instrument to your liking, may be using papers, wahi tapes, paints, markers, ect.

Dan wishes touch them right? Yes Visit the blog of Elisabet so you can see the step by step photos and other cool ideas that we shared.

5-Castanets Festivals-Craft With My Daughters Blog:

Another version of the castanets with much Spanish touch, this time with veneers. They or an adult, can trim the cardboard boxes, depending on the age of the children, since the force that needs to be done to trim the carton is considerable. Sticky sheets and decorate with ribbons and paint.

6-Rainstick-A Pinch Of Home Blog

I like this musical instrument very much, we even have one made just need to decorate it and Amakuyi has given me the great idea of quilting to cover the sticks, that right there is where I had been.This instrument is of Indian origin and is used to imitate the sound of the rain.

To do so you must pierce the cardboard tube in a spiral, which is there where you will insert and glue sticks. You hit them with glue or silicone and cut out the portion which leftovers. Put a cover with a circle of cardboard box in one of the ends, it can be cereal, and introduce rice or lentils in the tube. Then it is quilted and is covered with paper to decorate.
Ready! You can already use your rainstick, easy

I hope you enjoyed this selection of “6 home with recycled musical instruments” if you like to share and I hope by my social networks.