5 Tips to Feel Good about Yourself and Your Bikini

Take Note Of Some Tips And Put Them Into Practice While You Choose Your Bikinis To Raze This Summer.

“Let food be your food and feed your medicine”, “The right nutritional dose differentiates a poison from a medicine”! These are celebrated phrases in the history of medicine and they could not be more current with regard to food today. Feeding is the best “remedy” we can take either to prevent diseases, maintain the body’s overall balance or reduce body weight. The motto is: variety and parsimony of food consumed.

Take note of some tips from holidaysort and put them into practice while you choose your bikinis to raze this summer.

– Control the consumption of foods high in carbohydrates, preferably in the evening. Excessive intake of sugar products contribute to overweight.

– Improve your intake of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Try new vegetables, fruits and seeds.Enjoy the nutritional richness of the vegetables and fruits of the season, combine colors and textures and you will get cheerful salads, worthy of the summer flavors.

– Get out of the house! Enjoy the good weather and walk for at least 30 mins late afternoon.This is increasing your physical activity, stimulating your metabolism and burning calories.Adapt physical exercise to your health condition and lifestyle.

– Avoid consumption of salt and salty products. The salt, in excess, dehydrates and promotes fluid retention. To prepare foods, prefer herbs and spices instead of salt. Use and abuse!

– Drink 1.5 l of water per day. The thirst mechanism has to be stimulated. If you prefer, add a product with draining action that improves the taste of the water and contributes to the slender silhouette so desired in summer!

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