5 Reasons for Choosing Swimming

Hello swimmers!

Surely many of you are like me, with post holiday depression. Walks on the beach, ended the weeks of Sun, be up to the many terraces, not look at the clock, and hardly mobile! But no, unfortunately become routines, the starts, jams… but also the sport, yet you have not chosen, and you’ll help make the back more pleasant. Today I’m going to give 5 good reasons that you decant yourself by swimming.

First, swimming is the most complete sport, according to commit4fitness. But, what is true this expression? Well, in swimming we use all our muscles, toning them. It is the ideal sport to regain form or simply be healthy, since you set the level. In any aspect you used to take care of you physically and also inside.The health benefits are innumerable, for the heart, respiratory system and bones (knees, hips and back pain relief) for both circulation, water has a large draining capacity. Finally, exercise in an aquatic element is an effective way to relax. Do with this extensive reason n ° 1 did not appear you enough? Well, there are still some reasons.

Secondly, one of the great advantages and main difference from other sports is that it can be practiced throughout the year. Indoor pool more cold weather and outdoor pool or sea when he does best temperature, none of the two forms agreeing your joints. Did you know that our body weighs 6 times less in the water and on the contrary, each movement opposes 12 times more resistance in the water than in the air? In conclusion, half an hour of physical activity in water corresponds to an hour on Earth. Therefore, consume more calories, at the same time that you ease your joints.

Thirdly, swimming does not require a physical condition particular and is accessible to all levels. It is not necessary to have big muscles to be able to swim. Also, it is not necessary to work the technical side for months to start to feel the pleasure of swimming and the sensation of slipping.

It is a varied sport. Among the different styles: breaststroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and back, there are a variety of options! The use of accessories allows you to improve technique and determine which parts of the body you want to work. It is possible to have fun in different ways, practicing el aquabike, aquagym , the aquaruning, the aquazumba, or even water polo…

In addition, its playful appearance, these disciplines allow you to live swimming in a different way. Be inspired by the curiosity and not hesitate to try it, especially if you do not like to do laps. Since, often, these disciplines are practised with music, they are a great way to take advantage of the benefits of water and at the same time, have fun. Aquagym thoroughly stimulates the muscles; the aquabike forms the legs and abdominal waist; regarding the aquazumba, variant recently implanted in our pools, refines the silhouette unless one realizes.

And finally, swimming is a sport of very easy access. You will only need a hat, goggles and a swimsuit. You can access a municipal swimming pool, that will always be cheaper than one of a private sports centre.

You sure that you think some more and if not, I hope you’ve convinced to join the pools.

see you soon!