5 Lingerie Garments For 5 Occasions

Taking advantage, this week wecelebrate Black Friday , and as you have already seen on our Facebook we will have asuper interesting discounts of up to 70% in our lingerie, today I have prepared a selection of underwear in our collection, That you may find interesting for different occasions, and more now that the holiday season will soon arrive.I think it’s a good time to get the lingerie and underwear you need at a lower price or to make a good wardrobe, or why not … simply because you feel like 😉

Although, in our life we ​​can have many occasions, I have chosen these 5 to talk, and if another day I inspired because I make another post.

The Todoterreno

To go to work, to go for a walk, to use it all year, to take it on vacation… Come on that bra or panty, you just wash, you look for it again, because you feel great, because It is beautiful and youthful, because you feel super comfortable and at ease with it.

Not great? For this model brings everything together. Nice, modern, durable, comfortable, with delicious colors, a beautiful design and a quality that will surprise you. From here I encourage the many clients and friends, who have remained this model, to comment and share their virtues here.

This model is for large sizes. You can make the set with the high panties.

Karima Unfilled Fastener

For A Promising Night

Have you stayed with a guy that you like and you want to feel as beautiful inside as outside? Do you have a romantic date and want to be prepared for what may happen? Although you have been married to your husband for years, do you want to give yourself a joy one day with a special model? Do you want to impress your boy and leave him with his mouth open?

Well I assure you that with my proposal you will get it!

This model has the transparency of the tulle and the sensuality of the lace… And the color? For a classic: the black. My selected garment is this incredible body and as I said in the entry ” 5 reasons to wear a body” is a super trendwear this season.

This model is for standard sizes. But if the body does not convince you, you also have a bustier bra and high matching pant, which you will surely love and are equally sexy.

Body Sexy H1938

To Bring This Christmas Or Nightlife?

There is a fair month to start Christmas and it is not bad to be foresighted and have already prepared your lingerie to release in those dates … we are many girls that we have that custom.Anyway I would not be surprised that when you receive it, you can not resist it and you want to put it ahead of time… it’s so cute!

My bet goes to the red 😉

In this case I propose to you is this modern and youthful model. It is made of a soft microfiber combined with lace and is of high quality. Comes cushioned and with cotton tops for your comfort. The straps are made in the same fabric, so it looks very nice. It’s that weaving and stamping, that you do not care if you see the strap at any time. It is also quite low, so you can wear a dress with a nice neckline. The cup is quite full on the side so it has a good chest collection. The entire contour is lined which makes it also improves the grip.

This model is for standard sizes and you can make your set with culotte, medium waist panties or thong.

S1930d Padded Bra

For Your Wedding Day

If you already… you marry next year… but if you have already chosen the dress why not take advantage and have the lingerie for that day?, better go quiet and not leave it for the last hour.

In Kosa Illusion Lingerie, we have a lingerie line for brides, if you want, you can read the blog entry I did some time ” Do you marry? We have lingerie for you . “And you can also go to the Women menu on our website and enter the Lingerie Novias section where you will find everything we have for you right now.

My proposal in today’s selection is this bra for its versatility, as you will be able to use it with most wedding dresses. Also after that day you will be able to take advantage without problems.

Of balconette type, it has the detachable suspenders, anti-slip silicone strip in the bottom and in the larger sizes also in the cup. Thus the hold is perfect. It is a comfortable bra and very elegant because it is made in French lace and very fine fabric and wears swarovskis as a detail.

This model is available in sizes from 85 to 105 and for cups from B to F. You can make the set with the culotte, brazilian type panties or thong. You can also add the matching gloves, garter belt and garter.

Bracelet Type Balconette Novia S1730

To Be Comfortable

Well this model, I tell you, that well it could wellbe quiet in the section “off-road” since you can both use it to be at home comfortable, to wear it a night in a super-tight and tight dress. Come on! A closet background.

The whole line is seamless, so they are super comfortable and pleasing and become a second skin. In addition, both this bra and the rest of this line are designed in an innovative way, to better distribute the weight of the chest between the front and back of the body and facilitate its fastening. You can read more in this post that I did in the blog to do a few weeks Reducers and basic bras: our “Must-Have”. This model has the cotton-lined cup and the back lined. Look at the nice detail of the union between glasses and the original design of its wider strap, which also helps the fastening and comfort of the garment, apart from giving it a different touch. It is clear that in this model, all sum for your comfort.

You have it available for standard sizes and in black, white and beige colors. Right now you also have in stock, the high reduction panty in beige.

Connected Wrench S1953
Well nothing… so far the selection today What do you think? The truth is that all the garments are of excellent quality and resistance and sure that from the beginning you will be delighted to have them. If you liked any of the proposals, take advantage of the Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to get this lingerie with a good discount. Also, you know that stocks are limited and unfortunately, some of them are depleted and no longer bring them back.

Black Friday discounts are only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (November 25-27).

As always, I remind you that I am here to help you and guide you in choosing your lingerie. For anything, do not hesitate to contact me. If you need to know your size, you have thesize guide, where you will find all the information on how to measure yourself and calculate your size. If you do not clarify tell me and we look together. I remind you that forpurchases over 50 euros the postage is free, as well as the change, if the garment did not go well. If you do not find your size tell me and try to get it.