5 Crafts with Paper More Views on Youtube

Less than two years ago, I decided to open a channel of Youtube with paper crafts. Today I have to thank you, because you are already more than 100,000 subscribers in it. A figure that didn’t reach and that is already a big family. Thank you!
Sure that most follow my adventures papelisticas at bestcraftblog on Youtube, but if you missed something… here is Youtube Channel.

There is always a story behind every video, and if you are curious, I leave the five videos of the crafts more popular with the story that lies behind each of them:

  1. Paper Roses:These flowers I made them for my mother the day of the mothers of 2015.It is true that the first seems to complicated to do, my first two flowers ended up in the trash, but after a little practice I managed to make a bouquet that is still decorating in your room.

    I know that still lack for mother’s day, but sure that to yours also like him, much more if you do it without reason, without waiting for a special date.

2 Experiments Home For Children:

I am a person of science, and I’ve always liked this kind of thing. I wanted to make a simple experiment so they could make the children at home with paper, I had no other intention that explain the capillarity.

But seeing the video comments, many took it as an advertisement for Mc Donald m forming the napkins.

There were many people outraged by this. I can assure that I have nothing to do with Mc Donald and was naturally taken napkins, even I realize until I read the reviews… maybe it was my subconscious and that day wanted a hamburger

  1. Paper Rosettes:I used them todecorate my child’s birthday, and they were a hit.We celebrate it in a park and when we remove the decoration to go home there was adispute between children to see who has could take them home to your room, so now decorate children’s rooms

4 Butterflies Garland:

He was one of the first videos that I made and the quality is not very good, but very much liked the idea… was a gift for the daughter of a friend, and is decorated on the top of your bed.

  1. Paper Cores:I’ve used them on many occasions to decorate gifts by using them as tags for names, but use that I like is like bookmarks for books.

I hope that you have enjoyed the ideas and you can serve to your own projects. I hope to see you around here again and the family grows.