3D Printer from Fischertechnik – Display

Based on the principle “Build, plug and print”, fischertechnik has developed the world’s first 3D printer from a modular system. The modular kit offers the unique possibility to construct a separate 3D printer from components of the design kit. Fischertechnik is thus positioned with the modular system between ready-to-connect 3D printers and kits. In addition, the fischertechnik modular system is an attractive addition to the well-known ROBOTICS modular kits for many fischertechnik fans.

The kit with 890 components is offered for 699.95 Euro. It contains components of the German repRap GmbH, a renowned 3D printer specialist, which are matched to the fischertechnik components. As with the construction kits, which are exclusively manufactured in Germany, a construction guide guides you step by step to a fully functional 3D printer.

fischertechnikclub waived, unlike manufacturers of ready-3D printers, consciously an enclosing cover. This makes the technology visible and tangible. Unlike 3D printer kits, neither tooling nor soldering is necessary during assembly and commissioning. This saves time and prevents malfunctions due to damaged solder joints.

In addition, fischertechnik provides accompanying information, which, in addition to its history, provides information on the technology of the components, the printing process and, above all, the design and construction data.

In the library of the software numerous ready-made printing examples are stored as printable G-codes. G-codes for the printing of fischertechnik accessories are also available for download. The software also makes it possible to process STL files imported from Internet databases or even designed with a CAD program in the fischertechnik software 3D Print Control and to convert them into a printable G code in the so-called slicer.

The fischertechnik 3D-printer uses the known method Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) for printing. This is easy to use, uses cost-effective consumables and is therefore particularly suitable for beginners without previous knowledge in the 3D printing process.

Already included in the kit is a high-quality filament (1.75 mm diameter) for the first print objects. The use of polylactides (PLA) as a filament makes it possible to use an unheated pressure bed. In addition, the high-quality BuildTak pressure bed offers a good adhesion of the filament, which can be easily peeled off after cooling. This filament optimized for the printing process can be ordered separately in eight different fischertechnik colors on 50- and 500-g-rings.

The printing process is controlled by the 3D controller. In addition to an Atmel Microcontroller, this includes a USB interface for the computer, four stepping motor drivers for the X, Y and Z axes as well as the extruder, a power output for the heated nozzle of the extruder, connections for three limit switches, a temperature sensor and a DC Socket for a 19 volt power supply. During the printing process, the extruder of fischertechnik worm drives is guided over the printing platform.

In the complete set with 890 fischertechnik components four powerful torque motors, three minitaster, a heated nozzle with temperature monitoring, a pressure bed with pressure plate and a switching power supply for power supply are included. The printer software 3D Print Control (CD-ROM) already included in the kit is specially designed for computers with the Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems specifically for the fischertechnik 3D printer. Computer users with a Linux or OS X operating system can operate the fischertechnik 3D printer with the free software RepetierHost. The slicer and the printer control can be individually adapted to the fischertechnik 3D printer.

Technical Specifications

Printing area: 115 x 100 x 65 mm
Printing speed: 37 mm / s
Coating thickness: 0.2 mm
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Nozzle diameter: 0.5 mm
Material: Polylactide (PLA)

Group Fischer

The fischer company group, headquartered in Waldachtal, Nordschwarzwald, generated sales of EUR 711 million with a total of 4,423 employees worldwide. The family business is represented in 44 countries with its own companies in 33 countries and exports to more than 100 countries. It comprises the four business areas fischer fastening systems, fischer automotive systems, fischertechnik and fischer Consulting.

Fischer fastening systems has the technological market leadership in important fields of fastening technology. Fischer products offer technical perfection for a wide range of customers, from home improvement to the artisan to the key account partner.

Fischer automotive systems produces high-quality interior components for vehicles. The company has a high level of expertise in plastics processing and is an important partner to the automotive industry. The product range includes air vents, beverage holders, storage compartments and multifunctional components.

Fischertechnik is active with its design kits both in the sphere of toys and education. As one of the last toy manufacturers, fischertechnik develops and manufactures exclusively in Germany.

Fischer Consulting was developed from the competences developed within our own company. The fischer ProzessSystem is located there, whose central content is the permanent improvement. The fischer ProcessSystem is always geared to the benefit of the customer. Fischer Consulting advises medium-sized companies, authorities and large corporations on the way to streamlined and efficient processes.