3 Expert Tips For The Camera Of HTC One M9

Take photos and record videos with a Smartphone is not hard, but high-end devices such as the HTC one M9 have special function on board which you can let your creativity with the snapping, and beyond free rein. However, you need to know for where these features are hiding. We tell you a few tricks for this reason, still better to use the camera app on the HTC one M9.

Shooting Times Differently

The camera of HTC one M9 has four different recording modes that you can give your photos a customized look. This hot “Bokeh”, “Panorama”, “Photo Booth” and “Split Capture”. In the latter mode the front and main camera of smartphones are raised when taking a picture, for example, at the same time, while “Photo Booth” takes four pictures in a row.

3 Expert Tips For The Camera Of HTC One M9

To go to a mode, you must type in the search window to the icon with the four points, which is located in the lower-left corner of the screen. You can also select the desired mode. A brief description about sit in knowledge, what are the special features of the respective mode. You can also simply wipe over the viewfinder to switch recording modes. In landscape mode you must wipe it from top to bottom on the screen, vertically, from left to right.

Selfies For Experts

Of course anyone who shoots a Selfie, want to show from its best side. The HTC one M9 can help here. So you can beautify your skin, for example, before you take on a Selfie. This is done with the function “Skin improvement”, which smoothes your skin in real time. To enable the feature, the camera app opens first. Then switches to the “Selfie” or “passport photo machine”-mode. Here, you can now pull the knob beyond the setting bar to configure the degree of skin smoothing.

In addition, you can determine that the angle of your recording just looks like you’re looking in the viewfinder. For this you need to change in the mode of “Self portrait”. Then, you type in the viewfinder on the symbol with the three superimposed squares to display the camera options to you. Now, you can tap the gear icon and then choose the option “Save mirror image” from.

Manually Adjust Camera Settings

Camera settings for different environments or lighting conditions you can adjust her. When the HTC one M9, you can manually adjust such as white balance, exposure and ISO. To tap the camera icon and open the camera app. Ensures that you are in camera mode, and then type in the viewfinder on the symbol with the three squares to reach the camera options. Now her tapping on the icon that shows a camera, and then click the “M” symbol. Now you can see a menu with different options. To make adjustments, draws on the corresponding controller. Once you’re finished, you must tap on the camera icon and you can shoot your photo with the specified values.


  • Type in the search window of your HTC one M9 on the icon with the four points, to change the recording mode
  • With the option “Skin improvement” it beautifies your face for the perfect Selfie
  • Using the manual settings of the HTC one M9, to adjust the camera for different environments or light conditions