2010 Winter Olympics Women’s Speed Skating

On February 16, was on the fourth match of the Olympic Games during the 2010 five points on the program about the medals. For the Netherlands, 500 metres for women while skating. Annette Gerritsen and Margot Boer Netherlands might win a bronze medal. The ladies were in control team has already proven to be able to go pretty fast.

Tears after the fall.

What an opening of Annette Gerritsen, a tenth faster than the fastest so far. But there came the tour, Annette came at full speed, and before they turn really suffered the fate intervened. Annette left leg lost pressure, they smacked hard into the boards. In her mind she pounded hard against the boards, and even got everyone’s breath stopped. Fortunately, she got up and rode easy, 500 metres. Olympic dream away in the 500 meters. The tears after was heartbreaking. What would happen if they had remained standing? This happened at the end,

Skating 500 m women

Times and ranking Dutch women.

  • 4. Margot Boer: 38.51/38.36
  • Thijsje Oenema 15.: 38.89/38.86
  • 19. Laurine van Riessen: 39.30/38.84

The fastest stage reds of Jenny Wolf left a note in the second round 37.83. It was not enough for the gold medal distribution lists:
Women’s 500 metres Speedskating medal Distribution.

Biathlon pursuit men.

With one minute 12 behind, began the Swedish Ferry hunt. The backlog had risen in the Sprint, which like the experts know, determine the start time and the order of the quest. Björndalen as in the Sprint seriously disappointed, even had a gap of one minute 41 face off to work. Just seemed to shoot well to succeed him. After he had battled back to third place, 20 seconds behind, threw two boom in the last shooting round the spanner in the works, and had super bi-athlete Björndalen settle for seventh place.The winner of the Sprint on Sunday, the Frenchman Jay, had to settle for bronze. The medal table finally looked like this;
Medal Distribution biathlon pursuit men.

Biathlon pursuit women.

After the Sprint have reached silver, German Magdalena Neuner started two seconds behind the winner of the Sprint Kuzmina. Shooting kept the two ladies together in the right balance, but after the last shooting around Neuner made good use of her specialty, ski touring. They finally ended up in first with 12.3 seconds lead on Kuzmina. The Frenchwoman Brunet actually did the fastest of all, but incurred by the delay in the Sprint, they must ultimately do with third place, and thus the bronze.
Distribution biathlon medal chasing women.

Luge singles women.

After a third-place finish in Turin, was to improve the German Hüfner all on performance. With the World title in 2007 and 2008 in his pocket, it was during these games happen. The first run was won by Hüfner, but then the German snack away Geisenberger always out part of the time. Reithmayer ran eventually surprise between the German force so that, with a little less than half a second behind four runs managed to take silver.
Medal Distribution Luge singles women.

Women’s snowboard cross.

The Olympic Games in 2010 for the Canadians can’t go wrong. What has never before succeeded, succeeded on the fourth match for the second time. Canadian gold on Canadian soil. This time Maelle Ricker was the role that made her favorites. She shuffled through the preliminary rounds and the finals Anthoniaz left them far behind, and thus Canada again to get the tears of joy.
Medal Distribution snowboard cross females.
Germany had a good day behind, and take the top spot of the provisional Medal tally.