19 Ideas For Decorating Small Bathrooms

With the smallest m2 of the residences, the bathroom is usually one of the “forgotten” decoration environments. And in smaller plants, the difficulty increases, since the small bathrooms are increasingly part of our lives.

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But precisely because of the size, any change makes a huge difference in replacement of the floor or even the arrangement of furniture and accessories. Check out some simple tips to make the most beautiful small bathrooms!

  1. Soak the walls

The walls of a small bathroom are precious space. Enjoy putting niches and shelves, for example. Note, only if there is a need to reduce the depth to not generate discomfort within the space (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. Attention to doors

Small spaces can be optimized with sliding doors, as they do not consume space in time to be opened (called the angle of Aperture). The tip goes for cabinet doors, like the box and the bathroom door (photo: reproduction/Shutterstock)

  1. Cabinets

The cupboard under the sink, Cabinet, is very welcome in small spaces because they accommodate many objects hiding the mess. Can compose only the bottom of the tub or wider spaces (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. Replace Cabinets Shelves

If you’re not a fan of cabinets or weigh too much in the environment, you can replace them with shelves. The glass always give lighter aspect (so much for transparency and the thickness (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. Enjoy the space above the toilet

If your bathroom has the bound box according to yellowpagesintheusa, be aware that there is also a very valuable space. Valley decorating with flowers or design cabinets and shelves for greater enjoyment (photo: reproduction/Pnterest)

  1. Left a ladder lying around.

You can take it as support of towels (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. Floors and walls

If the room is small, light tones in the floor and walls also favor the bathroom range (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. Mirrors

In addition to being extremely functional bathroom, mirrors extend the composition area (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. lighting

Natural light is ideal, but if it is not possible to choose lighting that give more visibility and above the lack of natural light (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. Organization is everything

Organizing boxes are key for small environments and are already available on the market in a variety of formats, sizes and in various colors. If you do not find the transparent (favouring the visualization of the contents), identification tags, which facilitate the day to day (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. Enjoy the inside of the doors of the cabinets and cupboards

Brackets, hangers and boxes can be attached to the inside of the cabinets and cabinets to accommodate dryer and other accessories (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. decoration

Great tip for those with tight budget, but want to give more charm to the bathroom: choose small decorating items that transform the environment (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. Boxes on the wall

With the reuse of wooden crates and pallets, finding them is not the most difficult task. One coat of varnish solves your problem and composes a unique shelf (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. Towel holders

In small spaces, all attention is low. In choosing towel holders, keep an eye on their depth and space they will occupy to prevent people without getting themselves in these items (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. Dirty clothes tidy

Small space asks organization. If there is no space for a laundry basket of plastic or acrylic, fabric is the perfect solution. Leave everything organized, it’s easy to be washed and, when they arrive visits, is very simple to be accommodated in another environment such as service area, for example (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. Hanging all

If there is no room for Bookshelf, shelves or cabinets and you have to leave small or cosmetic items out of the reach of children, hang all in nets (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. colors, so that you want!

Colorful soul never see excesses. To radicalize and print personality Valley line the wall and let the environment with the mood right up (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. Wire products

Wire shelves facilitate air circulation, viewing the items and are easily positioned (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)

  1. Sink with cast support

In the absence of space, Valley harness the support of pia as Towel rack (photo: reproduction/Pinterest)