15 Brand Laptops Under $500

The most famous bargain before, on and after the CeBIT 2008: the Asus Eee PC. The low price of only $299 for the ultra mobile notebook blends the market for portable computers properly on. «The demand is huge and the competition comes after hardly, similar low-cost models to offer.

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Models with larger screens and usually slightly better equipment are to have real time prices: so you can get for example, brand manufacturers such as Acer and Fujitsu-Siemens devices for less than 400 euros. Cheaper s goes hard and the devices are still sufficiently fast to do Office work on the road.

15 Notebook bargains under $500

A notebook must have 15 pictures to the picture gallery which features?
cheap laptops usually have less powerful hardware. However, devices for the Office work fast enough if they have certain core characteristics. To avoid long loading times, at least 512 megabytes are 1,024 megabytes recommended. Windows XP memory, Vista

the hard disk should be not less than 80 gigabytes unless you focus on mobility. The tiny Eee PC has only four gigabytes of data storage. A screen size of 15.4 inches allows longer working desk, smaller screens are better suited to be on the way. «««««««Common hooks at the price blockbusters are the higher weight and a lower battery life.

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very simple: Windows buy and install price comparison
» Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit
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step by step instructions
» install Windows Vista
» Windows XP Reinstall Windows is already on it?
is on many of the laptop bargains No Windows pre-installed. In such cases, you must buy Windows XP or Vista and install it yourself, or be satisfied with the free Linux. Get the Microsoft operating systems on the COMPUTER screen price comparison for around 60 euros. «Installation shows a variety of COMPUTER image step by step.

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