10 Problems That Only Understands Those Who Dress in Black

Black is the color that makes you feel better, sexy and with a size smaller. When go shopping the contracts offer only black leaders and your pants seemingly all look the same. See how much can be tough defend your faith in Mr. Black.

  1. You mistake it for a girl dark, bleak and nihilistic heart.Even though inside you shines the Rainbow
  2. Getting dressed in the morning under artificial light bulb puts a strain on the diopter: we want to talk about the effort to distinguish black from another?

3. 50 shades of black. Already, every black brings with it its own nuance. Black red, greenish black, bluish black. Depending on the composition and the color black, dye under natural and artificial light, reveals unexpected nuances … Do you know perfectly that twinge in your stomach when, on the way to work, on a coffee break or reflected in a shop window, you realize you wear a fake black total look because broken by a green bottle, a purplish-red and a black grey. You haven’t qualified for!

  1. Wash the black leaders can turn into a trial by the Guinness Book of records.Between the budget invested in fabric softeners, acchiappacolore, retinas and protective capsules, you are ready to attend the upcoming television quiz with matter and around Washes.
  2. Not to mention the choice of deodorant. In addition to keep sweat at Bay should have the fundamental property anti stain.Otherwise you know the beauty of wearing a black top with triple whitish eye circles left and right!
  3. Bear grim nicknamescoined by relatives and acquaintances of the family as juvenile fondness, the Crow, the crow or Merry Widow and cash out through gritted teeth, the inevitable exclamation “Hey, but you’re going to a funeral?”
  4. the battle with the make up is no victory. Every time you brush it with your blush, blush or apply the eye shadow, you already know that you’ll find yourself Stardust shimmering shoulders and décolleté.
  5. The summer it takes to test your nerves. Wear black with 30° in the shade isn’t just a walk.Black draws the heat, you know.Not to mention the looks compassionate so eloquent of passers-by and colleagues, able to pierce the dark lens of your sunglasses.
  6. Do you love black but also your four-legged: then you’re condemned to continuous use of roller adhesive in an attempt to eliminate hairs from leggings, sweaters and coats every other day and other things as well.
  7. Learn to control the panic every time you receive invitations to parties and dinners with a dress code from estatelearning.com.